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Chris Furbee has Huntington's DiseaseIn 1995, Chris Furbee received a distress call from his aunt: his mother, Rosemary was in need of immediate care. After many years with little contact with his family, Chris returned to the remote coal-mining town in his native West Virginia. Walking through the front door of his mother's house, Chris found a shocking sight. The house was turned upside down. Hundreds of partially smoked cigarettes, piles of trash & food were strewn about. It appeared that an emaciated stranger was lying on the couch, seemingly half-dead. After searching the house he discovered the person who was on the couch was in fact his mother.

As the days unfolded, Chris realized that Rosemary was in complete denial of her condition. With few resources organized, Chris had to find ways to provide critical medical care for his mother who not only resented his help and felt he was meddling in her life but who also felt there was nothing wrong with her.

Chris' coping mechanism was to set up a video camera in the dilapidated garage and share his deepest feelings of love, anger, and confusion. His thoughts about how to cope with the disease that he had run from years before were all captured on camera.

From 1995 to the present, Chris chronicled his experiences in learning to cope with the potential hereditary nature of Huntington's Disease an illness that slowly eats away at your nervous system and your mind and in the process he created the documentary, Huntington's Dance.